Buying in Chandler

If you’re interested in purchasing a condo in 450 E Waterside, named The Chandler, then you have come to the right place. The Chandler Condominiums offers studios, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, and even some larger units. All the units were sold off from the developer when the building was built which means that if you want to live in the building you will need to purchase from an existing owner. However, given the size of the building there are always units coming on and off the market. There are also some “off market” units available for the right price.

Some buyers are very specific with what they are looking for. They know exactly what they want. For these buyers we can search the market place, contact agents for off market listings, and even call / mail potential sellers to find the place that meets all their requirements.

Some buyers are the opposite. They’re not sure what they want. For these buyers we show them as many options as possible and then sit with them to help them figure out what is important to them so they can make an informed decision to find a place to call home.

Lets talk money

So what does is cost to purchase a condo in the building? It is important to note the prices change depending on the individual sellers upgrades, condition of the unit, their need to sell and of course prices will vary for other reasons such as the orientation of the unit, square footage, etc. Below is a general break down of what units have sold for recently, but please do reach out to us directly for a complete list of available condos at 450 E Waterside in Lake Shore East.

Studio: Studios will start in the mid $200s and will typically top out around $300,000.

One Bedroom: One Bedrooms on lower floors with a south orientation will typically sell around $360,000 and on higher floors will sell in the low to mid $400s. Larger 1 Bedrooms with a north orientation (facing the river and Navy Pier) will typically sell in the upper $400s.

Two Bedroom: Two Bedrooms have sold as low as the upper $500s but the majority have sold in the low to mid $600s. It is important to note that the Chandler has some larger 2 bedrooms located on low floors as well as on penthouse floors that can command over $800,000 and some have closed in the high $900s.

Three Bedroom: Three Bedrooms have sold as low as the low $900s but there are not many three bedrooms that come on the market at this price. Most are larger and will sell for well over $1,000,000 depending on square footage and view. Several have sold in the past year in the $1,200,000 to $1,400,000 range.

Four Bedroom: These are rare as there are only a few which have been combination units. Most recently unit 2801 sold for $3,450,000 and it was a 4 Bed / 3.2 Bath.


The monthly HOA dues are not that expensive, especially when you factor in everything they include! Typically the older the building (and the more amenities these older buildings have) the more expensive the dues are. Newer buildings are typically more efficient and have implemented plans since their inception in order to keep up with maintenance and keep costs down.

For Example: A One Bedroom in the Chandler will typically run you around $400 to $630/mo for HOA. The higher the initial value of the unit the higher the HOA. Two Bedrooms can be as long as $530 and upwards to $850 or more depending on size.

What is included in the monthly HOA at 450 E Waterside?

Heat – A/C – Gas – Basic Cable – Internet – Then of course all the other amenities of the building, building insurance, etc.

This means you are simply left with an electricity bill.