Renting in Chandler

Whether you are looking to rent a condo to live in or rent out your existing home in The Chandler, we understand there are many factors involved in your decision. We are here to help.

Renting out your condo

For some being a landlord is a task they’re very familiar with. For others it might seem daunting to find someone to live in a property they own. While the idea of earning cash-flow and having someone else pay your mortgage sounds wonderful there is always the concerns of the “what ifs.”

No matter you’re level of expertise in being a landlord we are here to assist you. From properly pricing your property to background checks, we handle it all:

  • Market evaluation to help you get optimum rent prices
  • Credit, Criminal Background, Eviction Checks on prospective tenants
  • Property Turnover: Scheduling painters, cleaners, and repairs
  • Lease Preparation: A lease with riders strong enough to handle any unforeseen circusmtance
  • Condo Association Paperwork / Move In Assistance
  • Need assistance during the lease term for repairs or general advice? Call us


Looking to rent a condo to live in?

If you’re looking to rent a condo to live in then we can definitely help you. Not only can we help guide you through the building to find a floor plan that works best for your lifestyle, but we can help you find properties that may not currently be on the market. The rental market can be competitive so having first pick on available apartments can mean the difference between finding a place to live in and finding a place to call home.