Selling in Chandler

If you are looking to sell your property in The Chandler at 450 E Waterside we have the resources to help you meet your goals. We have represented both buyers and sellers in the building since it was constructed. We understand the changing market dynamics currently affecting Lake Shore East with not only the current construction of Wanda Vista but also the proposed construction of new condo buildings, apartments, and hotels.

We make it easy

Preparing your property for sale

We understand you are busy and that is why we can take care of everything you need. We have trusted professionals on call to handle everything: Painting, Handyman Work, Remodels, Home Staging, Storing of Items, and Professional Cleaning. 

We can make recommendations after visiting your property on what needs to be done and you choose how you would like to proceed. Our goal is to make it as easy for you as possible while putting your property in a possession to get TOP value once we go to market.


Our marketing is second to none. From professional photography and virtual tours to custom drawn floor plans to highlight the best aspects of your property we do not spare any costs.

Through our own @properties network and Top Agent Network we are able to market your property to agents and buyers even before going “on the market.” Many times this allows us to get your property under contract prior to going on the market. This means no hassles with showings for you. Often times during negotiation the “threat,” to an interested buyer, of putting the property on the market encourages them to pay more than they normally would. In the cases when pre-marketing the property does not achieve us an immediate sale it does give us valuable feedback on how your property shows, any changes we should make inside the property, and how we are priced.

Developing a business plan to sell your condo

For each client we design a business plan to sell their condo. This is a plan that is designed around your wants and needs. For some, they may want to sell their condo to realize profits but are not in any rush. For others the speed of the sale may be crucial because of a job transfer or a new member of the family on the way. Obviously each sellers have different situations so while the end goal may be the same (the best price possible) the road to achieve this goal may differ. It is our job to put your condo on the path to a successful sale.

Some of our clients prefer us to call them several times a week to update them on our marketing and the sale. For these clients we design a plan to be in constant communication whether it means daily calls or texts or conference calls set up once a week. Some other clients only prefer to hear from us if we have an offer to present. That is OK too. What do you prefer? Whatever your preference, whatever you want out of an agent is what we design into our plan for you.

Top Team & Top Company

We are very proud of our sales history because it reflects the many happy clients that we have and continue to work with. Our team grossed over $120 Million in sales in 2016 alone and @properties sold of $8 Billion (yes that is a B you’re seeing) in 2016. It is our commitment to excellence that allows us to grow our numbers each year. We look at each client as a client for life and not a single transaction. That is why our objective has always been to put our clients’ needs and wants first and foremost above anything else.